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What is Dextools ($DEXT)?


Dextools is a new tradingtool for IDEX and UniSwap. It was founded by Javier Palomino and Frederic Fernández.


Hence it runs in your browser, its fully responsive and has a very smooth UI.
It gives you some unique tools to optimize your trading strategy. Dextools will help you to identify bots and can chase specifc wallets (kind of Whalewatching). So Dextools put you in a better trading position overall. Dextools supports IDEX and UniSwap. The functionality for UniSwap is quite basic, right now they offer a pool explorer and a pair explorer.


For IDEX they offer the ability to watch and follow wallets and to view the deposits and withdraws of the whole exchange. With the IDEX Spread Hunter you can looking for big spread tokens. Filter by volume, try to buy cheap and sell high with a bigger percentage of profits. With the IDEX orderbook search you can search the orderbooks in realtime and easily identify washtrading.


Dextools is still in beta and you can give it a try, just head over to

When it finally launches you will have three plans to use A free basic plan which only supports the UniSwap pair- and poolexplorer but booth are delayed. A basic plan which gives you the UniSwap features in realtime and the IDEX features as well. And a third premium tier for upcoming features like tradingsbots and airdrops form sponsors and a private DEXT trading group. In a recent blog post they introduced a new mid tier plan:“TIER 2.5- Basic Version: Any user with at least 20k DEXT tokens will have free access for life to the Basic TIER while holding those Tokens, with all the features that correspond to that TIER.


The most interesting point in this project is the tokenomics. DEXT is a utility token: 1. All fees are paid in DEX 2. You get a 50% on fees, when you hold 5000 DEX token and third: To get the premium tier you need to hold 100000 Dex token.


The project itself is targeting power traders imho. But the tokeneco is attractive for an holder. So this project aims for booth audiences.


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