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Checkout our new apparel. We´ve created a Official Shitcoin Hodler Logo. It features most famous decentralized exchanges like UniSwap and embrace altcoins like Ethereum and the Binancecoin. “In Memes… … We Trust”. The eagle holds two bags of shitty shit altcoins ($DOGE, &SHIB). This is the perfect gift for all hardcore shitcoiners.

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Europe´s easiest Bitcoin App revisited

Relai is Europe’s easiest Bitcoin app, buy an sell Bitcoin without registration and KYC.

In December 2020 I stumbled upon Relai and wrote my first article about this startup. Now it is time to take a look what happened in the meantime. Spoiler: Relai is constantly developing and reach out to more and more users.

It began in early 2021 with minor app updates like: Push Notifications ,show Fiat values of each BTC transaction, BIP21 support and a more reactive app. Because of the growth they created several national telegram channels, for instant Relai Italy channel and the Relai English channel.

In Summer 2021 they raised over 2,7 million $ in a series A funding round. Redalpine, Polytech Ventures, Fulgur Ventures and ACE & Company contributed to the series A. This money was used to become its own broker (Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP)) and Relai is no longer dependent on its previous partner Bitly.

Since summer 2021 it is also possible to buy and send bitcoin directly to an external hardware wallet. You only have to prove via signing, that the wallet belongs to you. You can find an instruction here.

In Autumn 2021 Relai completely overhauled its app with a completely new branding and a more streamlined user experience. With the release of the new app they introduced a new fee structure as well, it´s quite easy:

Relai basic fee start at 2,5%

It goes down to 2% for transaction > 100€/CHF

If you set up an automated savings plan you can drop the fee by another 0,5%

Finally, if you use a refcode like “CRYPTONEWS” you get another 0,5% off

3 screens of the “old” relai app:


3 screens of the new relai app:


The last archived milestone was a successful crowdfunding via crowdcube. Relai aimed for 1,5€ million and finally 863 Investors raised over 2,1€ million. So bottom line is: Relai is a successful startup story (till today) and I am exciting what will happen in the future, maybe we see lightning support or they come up with completely new ideas to bring bitcoin to the masses.


I can say Relai is THE easiest way to buy bitcoin in Europe, no Registration, no KYC, no bullshit. Simply head to your app store (Android/iOS), download the app, enter the refcode “Cryptonews” and start stacking your sats.

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We´ve added fantom $ftm as payment method!

Fantom is a fast, high-throughput open-source smart contract platform for digital assets and dApps.

It allows almost instant transfers and is highly scaleable and EVM compatible. Over 200+ dApps are already deployed on the fantom network. Most famous DEXes like Curve and 1inch are also available. Fantom offer staking with a current APR of 15,20%. You can claim rewards every few hours and compound them for even greater returns on your delegation.

Start using fantom using a webwallet like fWallet ( or use your ledger via metamask to interact with the fantom blockchain. Fantom is traded on all major exchanges like Binance or Kucoin. To pay with $ftm just select cryptocurrency as a payment method and choose fantom from the drop down menu, as shown as in the video below.

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Video: How to shop with cryptocurrencies at

In this video we´re showing you how to use your #altcoins or #bitcoin to shop at

It is an easy way to spend your crypto for various goods.

Right now we´re accepting the following coins:

Bitcoin – $BTC

BitcoinCash – $BCH

Basic Attention Token – $BAT

Binance Coin – $BNB

Centric Swap – $CNS

ChainLink Token – $LINK

Dash – $DASH

Decentraland – $MANA

DigiByte – $DGB

DigitexFutures – $DGTX

Doge Coin – $DOGE

Ethereum – $ETH

Electroneum – $ETN

Litecoin – $LTC

Monero – $XMR

Neo – $NEO

Nem – $XEM

OmiseGo – $OMG

PancakeSwap – $CAKE

Stellar – XLM

Tether – USDT (erc20)

Tron – TRX

Waves – WAVES

Zcash – ZEC

Zilliqa – ZIL

Posted on Leave a comment der einfachste Weg Bitcoin ohne KYC in Europa zu kaufen


Wenn Sie Bitcoin kaufen und verkaufen möchten, müssen Sie oft einen KYC-Prozess durchführen, um sich zu identifizieren. bietet einen sehr netten Service, um Bitcoins zu kaufen, ohne persönliche Daten anzugeben. Es bietet eine App für Android und iOS , einfach installieren, Wallet erstellen und Geld von Ihrem Bankkonto darauf senden, die einzigen sensiblen Daten, die Sie preisgeben, sind Ihr Bankkonto (IBAN/Name), aber Sie können dies sogar vermeiden, indem Sie von einem anderen Bankkonto senden. Vielleicht können Sie Ihren Arbeitgeber bitten, einen Teil Ihres Gehalts an relais service zu senden, der Ihnen sofort btc in Ihre Wallet schickt. Ich habe es gestern ausprobiert und es funktioniert einwandfrei. Dieser Service ist perfekt für DCA (Dollar cost averaging) geeignet, Sie kaufen mit diesem System zu einem festen Zeitpunkt einen bestimmten Betrag in Bitcoin. Zum Beispiel jeden 15. im Monat kaufen Sue für 50 Euro Bitcoin. Da Sie so Bitcoin für eine Durchschnittspreis kaufen, müssen Sie sich keine Sorgen über den Kursverlauf machen. Wählen Sie einfach den Betrag und den Zeitraum aus und richten Sie einen Dauerauftrag in Ihrem Bankkonto ein. Ich brauchte nur etwa 5 Minuten.

Relai hat seinen Sitz in der Schweiz und hat seinen Dienst im Juli 2020 aufgenommen. Es bietet seinen Dienst in allen europäischen Ländern an, mit Ausnahme von: Weißrussland, Bosnien und Herzegowina, Färöer, Irland, Kosovo, Malta, Monaco, Republik Zypern, Russland und Ukraine.

Aber was passiert, wenn Sie Ihr Telefon verlieren? Sie können Ihre Wallet (Seed) sichern oder Ihre empfangenen BTC direkt an eine andere Wallet senden. Wie bereits erwähnt, habe ich es ausprobiert und die Abwicklungsdauer war unter 24h und ich konnte meine Bitcoins sofort an meine Hardware-Wallet senden.


Gebührenweise ist relativ hoch, es dauert 3% von jeder Transaktion, aber wenn Sie meinen Empfehlungscode verwenden REL1201 zahlen Sie nur 2,5% an Gebühren.


Bezüglich des Wechselkurses müssen Sie bedenken, dass der Wechselkurs berechnet wird, wenn Ihre Zahlung bei Relais Broker (bity) eintrifft. Dies kann ein Problem sein, wenn der Preis während der Transaktionszeit von Ihrer Bank zu relai fällt/steigt. Eine ziemlich gute FAQ findest du unter

Die wichtigesten Punkte:

Sie brauchen kein Konto, kein KYC

Sie kaufen Bitcoin direkt von Ihrem Bankkonto, keine separte Einzahlung nötig

Es ist eine Wallet (non custodial)– Sie verfügen über den Seed

Relai hat eine Pauschalgebühr von 3%, keine versteckten Gebühren

Einfach und leicht zu bedienen

Verwenden Sie die Ref. REL1201, um die Gebühr auf 2,5% zu reduzieren

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Learn to Master Crypto Trading! End of Year Sale!


From now on the Book “How to Not Get Rekt Trading Crypto” (A brief introduction into cryptocurrency trading) is on sale till the end of this month. You can grab your copy for just 1,99€ instead of 3,99€. So don´t miss this opportunity to spend a little money to prevent big mistakes in trading. You can read to whole chapters here and here. The book is available at Amazon an other Shops like Barnes&NobleRakuten koboApple Books, SCRIBDTolino/Thalia or vivlio. You can grab a copy at our store as well and pay with crypto, just follow this link.

The book covers the following topics:

  • Crypto OpSec – A brief overview about security
  • Coin Altcoin Token – Explains the difference between a coin, token and altcoin
  • Fundamental Analysis – An introduction of fundamental asset analysis
  • Technical Analysis – An introduction of technical analysis
  • Exchanges – Covers the different styles of exchanges like DEX, CEX and broker
  • Kraken, UniSwap – some words about Kraken and other exchanges
  • Type of orders – An overview about the different type of orders, for example limit vs. market order
  • Reading Orderbook – What is an order-book and how do you read it
  • Leveragetrading – Introduction to leverage-trading
  • Moneymanagement – A guide about money-management
  • Different styles of trading – explains short-term vs. long-term strategies
  • Trading in a bearmarket – Chapter about shorting in a bearmarket
  • Trading Psychology – Most underrated topic in trading, the psych, this chapter features how to gain the right mindset
  • Resources and tools and abbreviations

At the end of this little writing we want to share some readers reviews:

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Fact summary about the Bitcoin Whitepaper

The Bitcoin whitepaper is the cornerstone of crypto, it was written by Satoshi Nakamoto, the unknow inventor wrote the whitepaper after he coded the first version of bitcoin. The exact date and time of the first release of the whitepaper was Friday, Oct 31, 2008, at 14:10:00 EDT. The paper can be split into four main categories:

  1. Abstract – An overview of entire paper
  2. Introduction – Explains problems with digital transactions and introduces the Bitcoin solution
  3. How the Bitcoin System works – A detailed information about the Bitcoin system
  4. Conclusion – Summary of key features

The whole whitepaper is only 9 pages long and never mention crypto terms like blockchain, cryptocurrency and wallet or 21 million. The technical manifesto was released under an MIT public license for all to learn from, share an enjoy.  After its release it was studied by members of the Cypherpunk movement and they found it extremely promising. In January 2009 the first transaction took place.  For a complete timeline of Bitcoin from 2007 onwards, visit

If you already into crypto or want a buy an extravagant gift for a bitcoiner or crypto enthusiast, take a look at our handmade bitcoin whitepaper book. The book (A4) is handcrafted in Germany and has black book leather cover. The title is stamped in gold. It is printed on 90 gsm white premium paper (FSC certified) and features the whole Bitcoin whitepaper (9 pages).

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Tool for Margin Traders: Aggr.Trade

Aggr Trade

If you´re into margin-trading, i have a nice little tool for you. It´s called and guess what, it aggregates margin trades of different exchanges. I like it, because its highly configurable. Just head to and give it a try.

The mainwindow is your prefered chart, in this case I have opend the bitcoin-chart and on the right side you see recent margin trades. It gives you a brief overview about the current market sentiment. Like I mentioned earlier it is highly configurable. If you click the gear icon on the upper right side, you can choose which exchanges you want to see and set the limit of shown trades.

Aggr trade config

You can even customize the chart itself, you head to the upper left corner and you can switch on/off different indicators, like volume etc.

Aggre Trade Signals

Another nice feature is the url: you can directly choose your trading pair by heading to the corresponded url. For instance, if you want to see the Etherem/USD pair go to is made by Kevin Rostagni and you can find his Github page here.

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Trading Psychology


This is an excerpt form the Book “How to not get REKT trading Crypto” which you can purchase here and on Amazon and other stores.

If you want to succeed in crypto currency trading, the first step is to take a good long look in the mirror.

Some of the most common influences affecting the success or failure of traders are psychological. Trading psychology is a way to describe the emotional component of your decision to invest. Realizing that success may take more personal effort than simply researching the currency before you invest, may make the prospect seem a little daunting. But there is a way to wield the psychology in your favor and knowing just how impactful your emotions can be is the first step.

The psychology of trading in practice.

Now that you know, you can use psychology to have a positive impact on your trading choices in practice. Which unhelpful emotions are you likely to experience whilst investing? Fear is probably the most common. Fear can prevent us from taking risks, move us to sell too early or convince us we will fail in the first place. Seeing your investments appear to lose money will not be easy, it could cloud your judgment and make you doubt your overall strategy. Conversely the excitement and joy of a successful currency investment might make you reckless. It could fill you with a false sense of confidence that will lead to impulsive trading. There will always be good times and bad times, you should be prepared to quit when your ahead. Another potentially dangerous emotion is greed. You may think that greed is a necessity for any trader, with glamorous Hollywood movies about greedy market traders informing our collective consciousness. Try to exchange greed for focus, there is no doubt that money is a massive motivation, but an unchecked appetite may lead to a lack of discipline. Focus on the big picture and use money as a motivation as you implement your strategy. Here’s three simple points to remember:

•          Do not be motivated by fear

•          Do not be overcome by euphoria

•          Do not be motivated by greed

Now we have seen a few negative examples of how emotions can affect trading, what are the positives? If you want to succeed at anything you need to have belief. Believe in yourself and your abilities. This may seem cliché or simple but if applied wholeheartedly it will have a powerful effect. Build a passion for what you do and inject it into each day. Organize yourself with an effectively researched and comprehensive game plan and commit to it fully. Having identified a few dangerous emotions, the next step is to get control of your thinking process. This takes positive action and energy. Positive self-talk is key, for starters tell yourself that you can master the psychology of currency trading. Build on your own personal values and integrity, commit to these as your foundation, a springboard to launch you forward every day. Take breaks and lead a healthy life, feed your brain with healthy food and inspirational material. Strengthen your body with exercise and spend time with your family and friends. It is often underestimated how essential these basic practices are, they will keep your mind agile and focused. Here’s four simple points to remember:

•          Do wholeheartedly believe in yourself

•          Do positively organize your thinking process

•          Do keep a healthy lifestyle routine

•          Do commit fully with personal integrity

Finally, be prepared for losses, inevitably not all investments will pan out for the best and this may be especially true for crypto currency investment. When that happens you may feel overwhelmed, but if you have put into practice these tips you will be able to ride that disappointment out with ease. Every failure is an opportunity to learn and exercise our mind, to strengthen it and continue towards success. Trading psychology is incredibly relevant to reaching that success.

“Financial peace isn’t the acquisition of stuff. It’s learning to live on less than you make, so you can give money back and have money to invest. You can’t win until you do this.”

 Dave Ramsey

This is an excerpt form the Book “How to not get REKT trading Crypto” which you can purchase here and on Amazon and other stores.