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Learn to Master Crypto Trading! End of Year Sale!


From now on the Book “How to Not Get Rekt Trading Crypto” (A brief introduction into cryptocurrency trading) is on sale till the end of this month. You can grab your copy for just 1,99€ instead of 3,99€. So don´t miss this opportunity to spend a little money to prevent big mistakes in trading. You can read to whole chapters here and here. The book is available at Amazon an other Shops like Barnes&NobleRakuten koboApple Books, SCRIBDTolino/Thalia or vivlio. You can grab a copy at our store as well and pay with crypto, just follow this link.

The book covers the following topics:

  • Crypto OpSec – A brief overview about security
  • Coin Altcoin Token – Explains the difference between a coin, token and altcoin
  • Fundamental Analysis – An introduction of fundamental asset analysis
  • Technical Analysis – An introduction of technical analysis
  • Exchanges – Covers the different styles of exchanges like DEX, CEX and broker
  • Kraken, UniSwap – some words about Kraken and other exchanges
  • Type of orders – An overview about the different type of orders, for example limit vs. market order
  • Reading Orderbook – What is an order-book and how do you read it
  • Leveragetrading – Introduction to leverage-trading
  • Moneymanagement – A guide about money-management
  • Different styles of trading – explains short-term vs. long-term strategies
  • Trading in a bearmarket – Chapter about shorting in a bearmarket
  • Trading Psychology – Most underrated topic in trading, the psych, this chapter features how to gain the right mindset
  • Resources and tools and abbreviations

At the end of this little writing we want to share some readers reviews:

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