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Tool for Margin Traders: Aggr.Trade

Aggr Trade

If you´re into margin-trading, i have a nice little tool for you. It´s called and guess what, it aggregates margin trades of different exchanges. I like it, because its highly configurable. Just head to and give it a try.

The mainwindow is your prefered chart, in this case I have opend the bitcoin-chart and on the right side you see recent margin trades. It gives you a brief overview about the current market sentiment. Like I mentioned earlier it is highly configurable. If you click the gear icon on the upper right side, you can choose which exchanges you want to see and set the limit of shown trades.

Aggr trade config

You can even customize the chart itself, you head to the upper left corner and you can switch on/off different indicators, like volume etc.

Aggre Trade Signals

Another nice feature is the url: you can directly choose your trading pair by heading to the corresponded url. For instance, if you want to see the Etherem/USD pair go to is made by Kevin Rostagni and you can find his Github page here.

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